Reserve Time Slot | Akeem Smith: No Gyal Can Test

Reserve your time slot to visit Akeem Smith: No Gyal Can Test open to the public 7 days a week 1-8PM from Saturday, September 26 to Sunday, November 15.


Akeem Smith: No Gyal Can Test is the first major solo show by artist Akeem Smith. This large-scale debut traverses the slippages between memory, the archive, and history, excavating the personal photographs and videos entrusted to the artist over the past decade by various family members, friends, and pivotal figures of Kingston’s dancehall community.

Drawing upon his experience growing up between New York and Jamaica, Smith harmonizes disparate elements from this extensive archival documentation, which chronicles this seminal era from the early 80s through y2k, conjuring a collective memory that otherwise would have only existed on the threshold of the artist’s own. Part poem, part anthropological homage, No Gyal Can Test forms a layered exploration of spectral coloniality, diaspora, and the voyeurism that results from transposing these artefacts across cultural, economic, and temporal divides.

As part of the exhibition, Smith has collaborated with sculptor Jessi Reaves to create custom mannequins, the British fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner to design Red Bull Arts gallery attendant uniforms, and musicians Total FreedomPhysical Therapy, and Alex Somers to create original scores.

Please note that advance appointments are encouraged, but not required as capacity will be limited and attendees must wear a facial covering at all times. Click here to learn more about Red Bull Arts expanded healthy and safety measures. 

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