DecameronTV June: American Artist, Lynne Tillman

Using Giovanni Boccaccio’s 14th-century text The Decameron as inspiration, DecameronTV brings together 100 artists and writers to share stories. Initiated in March 2020, the project was deliberately set up to unfold slowly over the course of a year in an effort to account for the plurality of experiences contained within the historic situation the world found itself in, while also allowing for reflection within a media environment that seemed to evolve ceaselessly day by day.

Find the first two chapters by artist American Artist and writer Lynne Tillman on our IGTV.  

American Artist, “A nETwoRK ___of SLAVES~~~***,” DecameronTV, Red Bull Arts, Filmed April 2020

In American Artists retelling of a family gathering in Detroit, traditional notions of storytelling, record keeping, and cultural critique collapse into one another. American delves into the nuances of his ancestry while touching on the danger that exists in contemporary platforms that aggregate DNA, data, and history. 

Lynne Tillman, “Plague Days,” 2020, DecameronTV, Red Bull Arts, Filmed April 2020

Tillman’s narrator starts a new day in a strange time, whose need for new habits becomes increasingly disturbing. Casual tasks, like opening a door or walking to the post office, become fraught with questions around sickness and suspicion, life and death.