The Slideshow Series: The Detroit-Berlin Connection, with John E. Collins (Underground Resistance) and Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor) - Red Bull Arts Detroit

The Slideshow Series: The Detroit-Berlin Connection, with John E. Collins (Underground Resistance) and Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor)

May 23rd 7-9PM

In 2014, the Detroit-Berlin Connection was initiated as a formal organization with a conference held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. But the connection has existed informally for more than 30 years, when Detroit music crossed the Atlantic and began a decades-long love affair between the cities’ DJs, musicians, records, clubs and dancers. Underground Resistance’s John Collins and Tresor founder Dimitri Hegemann will discuss the formation of the Detroit-Berlin Connection organization and the status of their work advocating for a nighttime and arts economy in Detroit. The presentation will touch on their personal relationship, the relationship between the two cities, and the past, present and future of their work with the Detroit-Berlin Connection, including images documenting this history and the organization’s work.

About the Red Bull Arts Slideshow Series

‘Red Bull Arts Slideshows’ is a programming series between Red Bull Arts Detroit and New York that invites artists, curators, community activists, technologists, scholars, musicians and others, to present an area of interest or expertise.

Employing the customary format of the slideshow as an educational tool to share ideas with an audience, we ask each participant to re-think how they can best engage the public on a topic of importance to them, and to consider how the shape of that presentation has the potential to ignite dialogue.
Slideshows are intimate in nature and take the form of either experimental or straightforward events, including performative lectures, expanded research, poetry readings, sound performances and more.

Past Slideshows include The Temporal Disruptors with Black Quantum Futurism, Downtown ’81: In Memory of Glenn O’ Brien with Kenneth Goldsmith, Alpha’s Bet with Steffani Jemison, and It’s your Death with Charlie Ahearn.

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About Red Bull Arts Detroit:

Red Bull Arts Detroit is an experimental, non-commercial arts space offering an artist residency, curatorial and writing fellowships, and local micro-grants. With physical locations in New York and Detroit, Red Bull Arts focuses on extending the boundaries of exhibition making; supporting the production of new work by emerging and established artists; participating in and responding to the needs of local arts communities; and contributing to ongoing dialogue around contemporary issues and thought. The organization is dedicated to the cultivation and advancement of the arts.