The Slideshow Series Sunday Brunch: Sugar or Salt In Your Grit, with Marcellus Armstrong - Red Bull Arts Detroit

The Slideshow Series Sunday Brunch: Sugar or Salt In Your Grit, with Marcellus Armstrong

May 12th, 3-5pm

Red Bull Arts Detroit 1551 Winder St. Detroit, MI 48207

As examples of how narratives and archetypes can be easily commodified within today’s visual culture, Astrology memes, reaction gif’s and personality quizzes are the current obsessions that occupy Marcellus’ thoughts. In the “Golden Age of Television”, streaming services provide a plethora of narratives and archetypes catering towards our increasingly “niche” identities. Working at the intersection of archives, blackness and queer identities, in his slideshow presentation at Red Bull Arts Detroit, Marcellus will be giving a performative lecture using the framework of personality quizzes as a guide. Familiar to Marcellus’ practice is the notion that brunch is a time of communal sharing and self-care, and for this presentation brunch will be served. Guests will need a smartphone device to interact with the personality portion of the presentation. Attendees will leave with confirmation of whether they like sugar or salt in their grits.

About William Marcellus Armstrong

Marcellus’ work is inspired by the poetics of hard and soft material. His projects investigate the dialectics of identity and portrayals of being. Exhibiting both nationally and internationally, Marcellus is originally from the suburbs of Baltimore and is a current resident of Detroit.

About the Red Bull Arts Slideshow Series

The Slideshow Series is a programming format shared between Red Bull Arts Detroit and New York that invites artists, curators, community activists, technologists, scholars, musicians and others, to present an area of interest or expertise.

Employing the customary format of the slideshow as an educational tool to share ideas with an audience, we ask each participant to re-think how they can best engage the public on a topic of importance to them, and to consider how the shape of that presentation has the potential to ignite dialogue.

Slideshows are intimate in nature and take the form of either experimental or straightforward events, including performative lectures, expanded research, poetry readings, sound performances and more. Past Slideshows include The Temporal Disruptors with Black Quantum Futurism, Downtown ’81: In Memory of Glenn O’ Brien with Kenneth Goldsmith, Alpha’s Bet with Steffani Jemison, and It’s your Death with Charlie Ahearn.