Reading Room: Dr. Carleton Gholz on “The Buildings of Detroit: A History by W. Hawkins Ferry” - Red Bull Arts Detroit

Reading Room: Dr. Carleton Gholz on “The Buildings of Detroit: A History by W. Hawkins Ferry”

Architectural historian and art collector W. Hawkins Ferry’s The Buildings of Detroit is an essential book for a Detroit-located library. Published in 1968 by Wayne State University Press at the height of Michigan modernism, Ferry documents and narrates what he sees as the built history of Detroit from the long destroyed “River Rouge Indian Mound” to his own, still standing, mid-century modernist home in Grosse Pointe Shores. In this talk, Gholz will take Ferry’s book as a point of departure for a discussion of the pressures on historical thinking, art criticism, and preservation in Michigan since the late ’60s. After 50 years of neoliberalism, what capacities and supportive institutions do we have as Michigan and Detroit residents to provide criticism or new monographic support to Ferry’s high modern panoramic history? And, attempting to look beyond neoliberalism, can and will there ever be a “Green New Deal” for historians and the libraries that could support their work?

Time: 7-9PM

Date: May 7th, 2019

About Dr. Carleton Gholz

Dr. Carleton S. Gholz is an activist in cultural preservation, as well as a writer, curator, producer, and DJ. Born in Port Huron, Michigan and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Dr. Gholz’s first post-college job was as a high school social studies teacher in Detroit. After completing his PhD in Communication from the University of Pittsburgh he taught at Northeastern University in Boston before returning to Detroit to become the Executive Director of Detroit Sound Conservancy. As a writer, he has published academically in sound and popular music studies and has been a professional freelance journalist for twenty years. He has curated exhibits, consulted on films, and recently begun consulting and producing podcasts. He is currently writing a book on the history of United Sound Systems Recording Studios in Detroit, tentatively titled Making the Modern Sound: Industry, Music, and Cultural Politics 1896-2004.

About the Red Bull Arts Detroit Reading Room Series:

The Red Bull Arts Detroit Reading Room Series invites artists, writers, curators, community organizers, scholars, and more to present on a text of particular importance to them. We ask the presenter to bring the text to a public who might have never encountered it before, and to find a way to translate the importance or meaning of the work to the audience. Following the presentation, the text will be added to the permanent collection of the Red Bull Arts Detroit Library, alongside an artifact created from the presentation.