Collective Financial Health Workshop: Hack Your Credit Report! - Red Bull Arts Detroit

Collective Financial Health Workshop: Hack Your Credit Report!

Sunday, November 17th

*Location: The Explorer Room at Main Branch Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Ave*

2-4 PM

Do you have bad credit? Is your bad credit keeping you from getting a job, a lease, a loan or a utility? Or does your bad credit make you feel like a bad person? 

Artist and activist Cassie Thornton will lead a workshop for people who have or fear a bad credit score. This workshop is a part of a long term project called Give Me Cred! wherein Thornton gives alternative credit reports to anyone with bad credit of any kind. These alternative reports have been successful in getting people into apartments in difficult housing markets like San Francisco and Oakland, California. Our auxiliary credit reports are professional documents based on the heroic survival stories of people living in an unequally distributed but always predatory economy.  

In this workshop we will discuss the highly ‘untrustworthy’ history of credit reporting, from the old fashioned data collection of the FBI to the social control of Sesame Social Credit in China. After we debunk FICO’s ability to say whether a person is or is not trustworthy, participants will be invited to test drive the easy and fun alternative credit reporting practice developed by Thornton. Participants will learn how and why to help people in their community with bad credit to get access to apartments, jobs, loans, and utilities. 

Please rsvp to and bring your resume and credit report with you to the workshop. If you have any questions or need help getting your credit report or resume, please email or text 347-499-8424.

If you want an individual credit report and you live in Detroit, you can register for an appointment here: or send an email to Cassie will be offering free reports from November 11-16, 2019 in Detroit.

Cassie Thornton

Cassie Thornton is a US artist and activist currently (conveniently) living in Canada where she gets “free” healthcare insurance. Cassie has worked with folks from all over the world to develop radical financial literacy through art, writing, and activist projects. The radical financial literacy workshops Cassie facilitates teach that our individual financial struggles for survival will not be resolved until: 

  1. We collectively abolish our dependence on the financial and carceral systems that are built on profit, racism, patriarchy, ablism or fear, and 
  2. We work together to design new social systems that center health and life.

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Cassie Thornton, Give me Cred!, 2013-ongoing. Descriptive caption: the image says "Give me cred: Extremely Alternative Credit Reports". The word "Cred" is written on a ring with three finger holes, and is filled with what looks like diamonds. The words "Give me" is above the ring in cursive font.