With support from a network of accessibility consultants we have begun transforming operating procedures, policies, and enhancing our physical space in an effort to make Red Bull Arts Detroit more accessible to all. We invite guests to share their accessibility concerns before arriving via email, upon arrival and throughout visits with staff. Note that some types of support, such as translation or assistive technologies, may need to be requested two weeks before your visit. However, staff will do their best to support any last-minute or on-site requests.

About Us
In Fall 2018 in conjunction with the Sick Time, Sleepy Time, Crip Time exhibition all Detroit-based staff participated in Disability Awareness & Intersectional Anti-Oppression training. This training was provided by our partner, Detroit Disability Power. If your organization is interested in scheduling a similar training, Detroit Disability Power can be reached through their website.

To reach a member of our staff regarding accessibility concerns please email Unfortunately, we can not be reached by telephone at this time.

About the building
Red Bull Arts Detroit occupies part of several floors of a residential building in Detroit’s Eastern Market neighborhood. The main lobby, library, radio booth, offices, and the private studio spaces of residents are located on the ground floor. The main gallery and tunnel gallery house the majority of programming and are in the building’s basement. Some public programming takes place in the lobby on the main floor.

About the neighborhood
The neighborhood is home to one of the longest-standing open-air markets in the United States. It is surrounded by manufacturing and food specialty businesses, as well as additional small businesses. Please be advised that Saturday is the main market day, meaning the neighborhood experiences a major influx of shoppers and visitors from the morning until mid-afternoon. Many of the businesses close by 4PM weekdays in this area. The market is also open during the summer months on Tuesday, Thursday evening, and Sunday.
Note: Due to redevelopment of this neighborhood there is ongoing construction.This may create unexpected obstructions on streets and sidewalks.

Public Transit
Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) Bus routes and times are available here. Buses cost $2 for rides up to 4 hours in length. All DDOT buses are wheelchair accessible. If using public transport, we recommend using the major stop on Gratiot & Russell that is serviced accessible by multiple bus lines (including the 06 Gratiot bus). This stop has a covered transparent shelter with bench seating. There is a connected path to this stop through a pedestrian bridge over the freeway that is wheelchair-accessible. Our space is .4 miles or 4 blocks northeast from this stop. We recommend this stop as the sidewalks and crosswalks leading to Red Bull Arts Detroit are the clearest from here.

Additionally, the 40 Russell bus will take you directly to a stop at Russell & Winder. Red Bull Arts Detroit is two blocks east from this stop.

DDOT’s paratransit service, MetroLift, provide door-to-door drop offs within three-quarters of a mile from fixed route service. Rides must be scheduled ahead of time and availability varies. Riders must be preapproved to qualify for this service.

Please see the map for more specific instructions.

Image description: Map that shows location of Red Bull Arts Detroit, bus stops, accessible parking, off-street parking, and accessible paths.

There is free on-street and off-street lot parking in the surrounding area. There are six designated accessible parking spots located two blocks from the building entrance on the southwest corner of Winder & Market Street. There are an additional accessible three spots on Russell & Division Street near Shed 4. See the map below for accessible parking locations. Please look for signs that indicate areas to avoid where parking is not permitted. The city actively monitors parking in the neighborhood and will ticket for parking violations. Parking within 15 feet of an intersection corner and 20 feet from a stop sign is a violation that is often ticketed.

Red Bull Arts Detroit

Image description: Photo shows four stairs ascending to a doorway, with a brick column on right that has a metal sign on it that reads “Red Bull Arts Detroit”.

Entrance via Lobby

The lobby contains the radio booth and library, and leads to the residency spaces, offices, and galleries.

The main entrance into the lobby where the radio booth and library are is on the northeast side of Winder. There is a 32 inch wide glass, non-automatic door up five steps, each approx 7 inches in height.

When the gallery is open during an exhibition (Th-Sun 11-4PM), a member of our staff sits in the lobby to greet visitors arriving from this entrance. They will direct you up another step to a landing, then down a stairwell that leads down to the gallery floor. These twenty-six steps are equipped with continuous grab rails and exits through landings to two levels. The first exit takes you to the tunnel gallery and the second exits into the main gallery space.

Image description: Image that shows ramp going up to door to enter Red Bull Arts Detroit. There are hand rails on the right and left of the ramp.

Entrance via Wheelchair Accessible Ramp

Alternately, to enter the building using the wheelchair-accessible ramp entrance, there is an electronic doorbell to the left side of the main entrance indicated by an accessibility symbol. Please ring this doorbell to alert our staff of your desire to use the wheelchair accessible entrance.

The ramp is directly to the right of the main entrance. A member of our staff will meet you at the door located at the top of the ramp. There is also an electronic doorbell there, if a staff member does not immediately open the door. This door takes you through the main lobby for the residences and either to the elevator that goes down to the galleries or to a door that goes through the offices into the Red Bull Art Detroit lobby.

The staff member that meets you at the ramp will guide and assist you to use the freight elevator down to the tunnel gallery From the tunnel gallery there is a ramp into the main gallery.

Note: For assistance using the elevator to exit the gallery space, please press the third call button located outside of the elevator in the basement and a member of our staff will assist you.

Scent-free Policy
We ask that visitors come no to low-scent in order to allow people with chemical sensitivities to be able to share the environment. Signs are placed in the restrooms alerting guests of this request near scent-free soaps that they can use to wash off products like perfume, deodorant, or lotion. More info on how and why to do this can be found here and here.

During regular gallery hours, wooden benches without backs are placed throughout the lobby, gallery, and tunnel gallery. During events, we set up a range of seating options including plastic folding chairs with backs and wooden benches. Additionally, we have a variety of seating on hand that we can use so feel free to request another option with our staff.

Spaces both near the front and rear of seating arrangements will be designated for wheelchair parking. These will be in sight of interpreters and translators (when they are present). We have one manual standard wheelchair available on a first come, first-served basis. Please alert a member of our staff if you wish to use it.

Staff can assist in performing changes to spacing of seating upon request.

There are publicly accessible restrooms in the basement of Red Bull Arts Detroit. There are two, multi-stall non-gender-segregated bathrooms. The restroom with a urinal is listed on a sign on the door. The wheelchair-accessible stalls can be used through both a front and side approach and are equipped with grab-bars. The restrooms are located behind the right wall as you face the gallery from the bottom of the ramp. See map for details.

On the first floor, there are two single use restrooms. These are located in the private studio spaces for the residents and not typically accessible to the public. Please alert staff if you wish to use the ground-level single stalls during programming and we will do our best to fulfill this request.

In general, visitors can expect a relaxed environment where we invite people to come as they are to enjoy exhibitions and programming. Sick Time, Sleepy Time, Crip Time offers ways of understanding often-marginalized bodies as true to themselves and valued on their own terms. Red Bull Arts Detroit hopes that visitors feel they can be true to their needs, themselves, and to others in this space as well. Come as you are, and do what you need to feel comfortable here in a way that gives space for yourself, and doesn’t negatively impact others’ well-being. If you need to move around, twitch, pace, or not make eye contact, know that staff welcomes you to do that. The Red Bull Arts staff are there for any, support, assistance, and questions.

For lighting, the gallery is equipped with LED track lighting which can be dimmed to your preference upon request. The tunnels are slightly darker than the main gallery space, but also can be lit to fit your preference. The main lobby has a few fluorescent bulbs and natural light.

Flooring throughout the entire space is polished concrete. Note that due to the old age of the building and the historical status of parts, some of the flooring in the gallery and gallery tunnels is slightly unlevel.

We ask visitors to avoid using flash or taking photographs of other visits without their permission. We have designated hours during certain programming where we ask guests to refrain from taking any photos. Event listings for individual programming will include these times. Unless otherwise stated, photographs of artworks on display are permitted.

Print Materials/Large-format texts
Please inquire at the front desk or with staff if you need large format gallery guides.

Attendance to our public exhibitions and programming is always free.

Care animals
Service animals are welcome.

While Red Bull Arts Detroit can not provide childcare for its programs at this time, children are welcome.

Concealed carry is prohibited.

For offerings pertaining to each individual program, please refer to the event web listing.
For concerns specific to the current exhibition, please see the exhibition’s web page.

Other Services Available Upon Request

We are currently building a “tool kit’ of equipment and practices we can use as an organization and share with other local peer organizations to help with greater accessibility. We plan for this to include, specific to each program, ASL & foreign language translation, Listening Devices, Real Time Captioning, Braille texts, mobile gallery seats and more. If there is something you need for Red Bull Arts Detroit to be more accessible to you, we would love to hear from you.