Join us on Thursday, December 6th at 7:00pm to celebrate NIGHT II of MONO XI, part of Mono No Aware’s annual film festival promoting connectivity through the cinematic experience.

Thursday, December 6
Doors: 7:00pm
Program starts: 7:30pm

Free and open to the public. Seating is first-come, first-serve.

Hosted at Red Bull Arts New York, NIGHT II OF MONO XI presents “LUNG-TA OF FILM: THE FACE OF THE OTHER (LE VISAGE D’AUTRUI) × IN BEAUTY MAY YOU WALK”, a multi-projection performance by Manoshi Chitra Neogy (vocals), Xuezi Zhang and Scott Endsley (percussions). The program includes expanded cinema projections featuring 16mm, 35mm and HD with installations and live performances. Visit Mono No Aware’s website to learn more about the other locations and venues, running from December 5-9, 2019.

About the Film:
“Lung-ta of Film” began with a vision: a film strip exposed with ethical awareness and reverence carries the spiritual valence as one of those strings of fabrics found on high mountains, embedded with prayers that are received only in constant motion. “Lung-ta,” the Tibetan word meaning “wind horse,” is the symbolic name of prayer flags and the flowing spirit in the movement of the wind.

“The Face of the Other” (referred to as “The Other”) began its making in the heat of the immigration crisis and was initially influenced by Emmanuel Levinas’s writings of ethical metaphysics. Stung by the situation and the mass reactions that eerily carry a danger of reductiveness, the creation of the piece started with the contemplation on alterity – the irreducibility of an other human (autrui), and thus the other’s infinity – and responsibility, which to Levinas is the command of a face-to-face relation to the other that is the most primordial datum of human experience. Behind each “collage” is a long meditation with a face of an other – politically alienated, displaced or executed – loved, revered, and worshipped. It’s a piece without an end; always a work in progress, as there is no end to human agony nor to the glimmer of holiness in humanity. Yet the physical entity has become a string of wind-horsed prayers and a moving shrine, and the presentation of which in a ceremonial atmosphere is meant to evoke a sacred bond between oneself and the strangers, who are also our neighbors.

“In Beauty May You Walk” (referred to as “Beauty”) completes “The Other” both structurally and metaphorically, reevaluating “native” and “immigrant,” “ownership” and “otherness.” It is a visual reflection of the poetry and music of Manoshi Chitra Neogy titled “Beauty” (from album “Wood Orchid,” produced by Scott Endsley), originating from a Navajo night prayer. “Beauty” – “Hozho” in the Navajo language – refers to a state of humanity and a state of the universe. Echoed by a 35mm slide show titled “The Faces of the Land,” “Beauty” is an homage to the ancestral dwellers and keepers of the very land we are inhabiting, and above all, a prayer for the state of Beauty of all beings.

All profits made will be donated to Asylum Access, Native American Rights Fund, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, and Fronterizo Fianza Fund.

About the organizers: Originally from southeast China, Xuezi Zhang explores interdisciplinary expressions with an axis in film and video art. She received a B.F.A in Filmmaking with a second major in Comparative Literature from New York University, where she graduated as a University Honors Scholar in 2017. Her work often begins as a personal quest and progresses with the brutality of introspection and an aching for transformation. She grapples with expression and responsibility, tracing an answerless echo in the union of the personal, poetical and political. Xuezi Zhang’s work has been showcased internationally, including film festivals in Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Romania, Taiwan, Indonesia and Israel. She is now working with artist, poet, and filmmaker Manoshi Chitra Neogy on whose feature film “A Warrior’s Walk Blood Words.”

Manoshi Chitra Neogy is a filmmaker, poet, performer, and author. She is a wildly talented and complex artist, determined to push the envelope of artistic expression. She has produced several documentaries and commercials, relating to self-expression, cultural issues, and art forms, which have been aired around the world and have led to countless awards and accolades, including Best Rendition of Poetry in Motion on Film at the South Asian Film Festival and the Director’s Citation Award at the Black Maria Film Festival. Neogy is also an acclaimed poet who melds vision, poetry, and word art, resulting in an alternative, thought-provoking art form, bridging ancient worlds with our multicultural worlds. Currently an adjunct professor in the film department of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, Neogy teaches cutting-edge courses such as “Film as a Transformative Process”, “the Architecture of Dreams,” and an intermediate experimental film workshop.

Scott Endsley has been an artist for nearly four decades, living and working in Brooklyn, New York. While he has participated in numerous shows and exhibits over the years, he is more interested in alternative methods for sharing his work. In 1992, he joined an arts collective in Manhattan called the School of Bayonne, organized by Russian expatriate artists Alex Melamid and Vitaly Komar. The group developed a radical approach to art collaboration and among its creations were the world’s first art radio station, an art newspaper and a commercial start-up called “Oil on Foil.” Since that time, Endsley has continued to create work in the revolutionary spirit of SOB. His artistic practice includes sculptures, performance, video, scratch art with oil pastels, oil paintings, paintings on glass (“Glasschants”), and detailed “Mind Map” drawings that explore the inner tapestry of the human condition. Endsley is also the producer of Manoshi Chitra Neogy’s album “Wood Orchid,” which has provided sonic and spiritual foundations for moving image work “Orchid, Wood Orchid” and “In Beauty May You Walk.”

LUNG-TA OF FILM: THE FACE OF THE OTHER (LE VISAGE D’AUTRUI) × IN BEAUTY MAY YOU WALK was commissioned and received full production support from Mono No Aware.

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